22:07 26 August 2020
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4 companies operating in Poland in top 50 PV in Europe

4 companies operating in Poland in top 50 PV in Europe
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Four companies operating in Poland in the solar electricity sector were included in the Solarplaza ranking – the 50 largest holders of photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing portfolios in Europe.

The largest European production portfolio has the German Enerparc – almost 2 GW. The company operates in 17 countries in Europe, Asia and Australia. Almost 270 MW is owned by Danish Better Energy Invest, operating in Denmark, Poland, Ukraine and the Netherlands. Energy from over 150 MW is produced by Nordic Solar, operating in eight EU countries, including Poland. 130 MW has Sun Investment Group, operating in Lithuania, Poland, Italy and Spain. The company is headquartered in Warsaw.

According to data from IRENA – the international renewable energy agency – in Europe in 2019, the photovoltaic capacity increased by 20.3 GW: by 4 GW in Spain, almost the same in Ukraine and Germany, by 2.2 GW in the Netherlands, 945 MW in France. These five countries provided a total of around three-quarters of the new power in Europe. According to PSE data, less than 800 MW was added to Poland, and on January 1, 2020, the capacity of the PV installation was 1,300 MW.


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