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BY Andrew Kureth
Andrew Kureth, WBJ editor-in-chief READ MORE

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A day full of possibilities
  Posted on 23 Mon, Dec 2013, with tags:
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My favorite cartoon ever drawn is the final strip of the iconic “Calvin and Hobbes” series, by fellow Kenyon College alumnus Bill Waterson.

Andrew Kureth


In it Calvin and his imaginary tiger friend Hobbes go outside on a cold winter morning to find their world covered in snow. The thick, bright-white coating has made their familiar surroundings look brand new.
“A fresh, clean start,” says Calvin. “It’s like having a big white sheet of paper to draw on,” replies Hobbes.

They climb on their toboggan and go racing down a hill. “Let’s go exploring!” Calvin exclaims, and readers’ last image of the two friends is them racing down a hill toward new adventures.

I’ve been thinking about that strip a lot of late, as the new year approaches and my familiar home of Warsaw is soon to be covered in a blanket of fresh, white snow. I’m an editor, not a cartoonist, so for me such scenes always resemble a white sheet of paper to write on. Who knows what I’ll end up with once I start putting down words? As Calvin says, it’s “a day full of possibilities.”

Indeed. The time has come for me to make my own fresh start. After nine years with Warsaw Business Journal and nearly seven as its editor-in-chief, I am stepping down to pursue new opportunities.

I leave both proud of WBJ’s accomplishments while I’ve had the pleasure of leading it and excited for its bright future. It’s a new day for WBJ as well, as you will read in the accompanying pieces here, and I am unequivocally convinced that the changes being implemented are the right and only direction for WBJ in which to move forward.

The publication is stepping into the future with a cadre of brilliant journalists of unquestionable work ethic and integrity – names that you have come to know mostly over the past year: Remi Adekoya, John Beauchamp, Jacek Ciesnowski, Beata Socha and Kamila Wajszczuk. Their work will continue to be presented in clear but engaging layouts and graphics courtesy of production manager Piotr Wyskok and graphic designer Łukasz Mazurek. This is a team that exudes professionalism and quality. I will miss working with them greatly.

Leading them into the future is new editor and publisher Kehrt Reyher, who was briefly with the WBJ when it started. After already having led a successful career in media in Poland, Kehrt has come full circle. Since he has joined the team I have come to see that he is precisely the right person at the right time for WBJ. I wish him and the entire team the utmost success in taking the publication along its new path.

Finally, dear readers, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to you. You have held this newspaper to a high standard, one I have endeavored to ensure it lives up to. Your continued patronage has proven that Poland needs high-quality business information in English. Serving you in this respect has provided me with great satisfaction.

Most of all, thank you for the trust you have put in Warsaw Business Journal. Every decision I have made as editor-in-chief I have made with that trust in mind. I hope that I have lived up to the expectations it has dictated.

I sign off, grateful to all those who have traveled this road with me and eager to see what the future holds. For me and for WBJ, a fresh, clean sheet of paper awaits. 

Andrew Kureth

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From the editor
A day full of possibilities
BY Andrew Kureth
My favorite cartoon ever drawn is the final strip of the iconic “Calvin and Hobbes” series, by fellow Kenyon College alumnus ... READ MORE
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