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EU imposes sanctions as violence in Kiev escalates

21st February 2014
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EU is trying to broker a deal between Ukrainian authorities and opposition that would stop the bloodshed


The foreign affairs ministers of European Union countries have agreed on imposing a number of sanctions on Ukraine after another day of increased violence in the country's capital city. The US is also considering some form of coercive measures.

The EU ministers decided to freeze assets located on the territory of their countries that belong to Ukrainian officials and deny visas to those politicians. They also agreed to suspend export licenses for equipment used for “internal repression.”

Opposition sources say that over 70 people were killed in clashes in Kiev on Thursday. Almost 30 were killed over the previous two days in clashes between the police and protesters. The riots began after police forces tried to block demonstrators from marching into parliament on Tuesday.

The foreign affairs ministers of Poland, Germany and France are meanwhile continuing their visit in Kiev, where they have already talked to both the government side and opposition leaders. According to Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, they are negotiating a deal that includes snap elections, the forming of a government representing all sides of the political scene and future changes in Ukraine's constitution.


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From Warsaw Business Journal

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