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Ex-transport minister accused of providing false information

13th February 2014
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Sławomir Nowak and his financial statements are under scrutiny

Sławomir Nowak
Courtesy of Sł

Sławomr Nowak, formerly transport minister in Donald Tusk’s ruling Civic Platform government, has been formally accused on five counts of providing false information on his financial declaration while still a member of parliament.

Speaking to public broadcaster TVP Info, prosecutor Katarzyna Calów-Jaszewska said that “Sławomir Nowak has been accused of submitting false information on five financial statements, filed between November 2011 and March 2013, in which the MP did not declare personal effects worth over PLN 10,000.”

Calów-Jaszewska added that the major item not disclosed was a watch, earlier reported to be worth some PLN 17,000. Regulations state that any object deemed worth over PLN 10,000 be itemized on the declaration

The former transport minister heard preliminary charges on Jan. 9, pleading not guilty and saying that “I feel innocent, because I am.”

When the case to light in November last year, Nowak gave up his parliamentary immunity and relinquished his ministerial post. Prime Minister Donald Tusk then incorporated the transport ministry into the regional development ministry during a cabinet reshuffle towards the end of the year.

Nowak may face up to three years in prison if found guilty of the charges.


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