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Tele-Holding plans move to WSE main market

13th February 2014
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 Telecoms firm Tele-Holding Polska has announced that it plans to move its listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange’s NewConnect market to the bourse’s main market.

Speaking at a conference, Wednesday, board member Mark Montoya said that the move will be accompanied by a share issue worth PLN 18.8 million net.

“We are waiting for the go-ahead from the Financial Supervision Authority, and when we do, we will want to put our plans into action over the coming weeks,” Montoya said, adding that “we have spoken to investors and we see a marked interest on the market.”

The company wants to make some PLN 18.8 million net from the market, with the share issue aiming to widen its subscriber base. Tele-Holding also plans to develop its network infrastructure for a total of PLN 9 million and create a DataCentre for PLN 6.1 million.

Tele-Holding Polska’s Capital Group comprises five companies which aim to provide a wide-range of telecoms solutions for individual and business clients. In 2013, its revenue amounted to PLN 210.5 million.


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From Warsaw Business Journal

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