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Bie˝kowska to replace Tusk after EP elections?

10th February 2014
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If Tusk gets a high-ranked post in Brussels, Bie˝kowska might become new Prime Minister

El┐bieta Bie˝kowska
Courtesy Ministry of Infrastructure

According to the weekly Wprost, current deputy Prime Minister El┐bieta Bie˝kowska could replace Donald Tusk as the Prime Minister, while either Ewa Kopacz or Pawe│ Gra would became Civic Platform leader in Tusk’s place.

Such speculations come after an interview with another prominent Civic Platform politician and the party leader in European Parliament Jacek Protasiewicz, who in told the weekly that in six months Tusk will receive an offer to takeover an important role in the newly elected European Parliament.

The position has not been specified yet, some argue that Tusk could become the next European Commission President, although the European People’s Party (which Civic Platform is a part of) already has another candidate for this position, Luxembourg's Jean-Claude Juncker.

Additionally, Tusk recently said that “[I’m] not going to leave for Brussels.” Sources within the party however explain that Tusk getting a high-ranked position in the EU structures might help his party in next year’s parliamentary elections.


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From Warsaw Business Journal

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