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Made in Poland project launch

30th January 2014
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This year's edition of the annual will be focused on innovation, IT, chemicals, logistics, as well as on traditional branches of the economy


It is with great pleasure that the Warsaw Business Journal Group is announcing the launch of work on this year’s edition of Made in Poland, a project aimed at promoting Polish exports.

Polish companies have been internationally present for a long time and Polish products can be found on almost all markets. Unfortunately in many cases customers don’t know that these items come from Poland.

The goal of the Made in Poland publication is to change this. The annual is a real encyclopedia of Polish export. Its aim is to build a strong brand of Polish products on foreign markets and to promote Polish companies as attractive trade partners.

The publication introduces the main branches of Polish industry, key sectors of the economy and programs supporting foreign trade. It presents the profiles as well as the portfolios of Polish exporters, innovative solutions and the products of domestic enterprises. Made in Poland points out the methods of safe financing of foreign trade and optimization of logistic processes.

The target group of the annual includes:
• Polish and foreign middle and high level managers, responsible for key decisions in enterprises
• representatives of companies interested in the import and export of goods and services from Poland
• employees of international institutions, government and local government organizations supporting export and foreign trade,
• representatives of foreign chambers of commerce and trade, Trade and Investment Promotion Sections of Polish embassies and consulates abroad, Agencies of Economic Cooperation, Polish Institutes and the country’s permanent representatives.

This year’s edition of the annual will be focused on innovation, IT, chemicals, logistics, as well as on traditional branches of the economy.

The publication of Made in Poland is scheduled for April and will be followed by a conference on Polish exports.

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