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EC's shale gas recommendations in Poland's favor?

23rd January 2014
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The European Commission has published a new list of recommendations concerning the exploitation and extraction of shale gas in EU member states.

The EC was originally going to publish a new set of regulations on shale gas, but backed down after Poland and other EU countries successfully lobbied against a new set of rules.

“Thanks to informal efforts by a group of countries, led by Poland, the European Commission resigned from binding legislative proposals concerning the shale gas sector in the European Union,” Poland’s Economy Ministry wrote in a release, Wednesday.

The new EC recommendation aims “to ensure that proper environmental and climate safeguards are in place for ‘fracking,’” the European Commission wrote in a press release, which also states the document “lays the grounds for a level playing field for industry and establishes a clearer framework for investors.”

Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik said “Shale gas is raising hopes in some parts of Europe, but is also a source of public concern. The Commission is responding to calls for action with minimum principles that Member States are invited to follow in order to address environmental and health concerns and give operators and investors the predictability they need,” cites the EC release.

EU member states should implement the EC recommendations within six months from publication, and inform the EC on the measures put in place.

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From Warsaw Business Journal

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