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Junior coalition member against nuclear plant construction

21st January 2014
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PSL politicians have different views on energy as their leader

The first Polish nuclear power unit is set to be launched by 2025

The Polish People’s Party (PSL) general council has voted in a draft resolution, demanding that the government withdraw from plans to build a nuclear power plant in Poland.

“All funds earmarked for nuclear energy should be spent on developing renewable energy sources,” the draft said.

PSL also wants to invest in modern technologies that would curb the country’s CO2 emissions from its coal-fueled power plants.

Such calls are in direct opposition to recent statements by both Prime Minister Donald Tusk and PSL leader and Deputy PM Janusz Piechociński. In March 2013, Tusk said that “nuclear energy needs to have its place in Poland’s energy mix.” While in December 2013 Piechociński said that nuclear energy is a “super-priority” for the government.

The current plan for Poland is to have two nuclear power plants, each with a capacity of 3,000 MW. The first nuclear power unit is set to be built and launched between 2019 and 2025, while the second one is expected to be operational by 2029.


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