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NIK lambasts Poland's shale gas exploration

14th January 2014
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License issuing process was too time-consuming, unreliable and promoted corruption, the watchdog found

At current rate, it will take 12 years to find out how much shale gas really Poland really has
Poland’s Supreme Audit Office (NIK) has issued a report criticizing the progress on shale gas exploration in the country. 
NIK said that work on the legal framework for shale gas exploration and extraction was started with a considerable delay in 2011. Further delays in legislation work may result in businesses limiting their activity in this area, the audit office said.
License issuing processes were unreliable and did not promote equality, they also took more time than was necessary, the report went on to say. All this irregularities could lead to potential corruption, NIK concluded.
The office was also skeptical of the progress in estimating the size of Poland’s shale gas reserves. If the current rate of test drilling is maintained, it may take about 12 years to complete the process, the report said.
NIK also criticized companies that were granted exploration licenses. According to the report, they did not conduct necessary geological studies, or conducted them with significant delay. They also delayed the payment of licensing fees.

From Warsaw Business Journal

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