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Eurolot to expand its flight network

10th January 2014
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Eurolot wants to have 500,000 of its own passengers this year, compared to 190,000 in 2013 (plus additional 1 million it flew under its agreement with LOT).

Last year, Eurolot – whose majority stakeholder is the state treausry – had an agreement with another state-controlled airline, LOT, to transport the latter’s passengers on national routes.

The deal expires at the end of January and it is likely that LOT will not extend it as it had to cut the number of its international flights recently. As a result the carrier will have spare planes and crew which it can use for domestic flights.

Eurolot is prepared for such a scenario and is planning to extend its own flight network. Besides domestic flights it will also fly internationally from Polish cities (excluding Warsaw).

“We want to be a regional airline which tailors its services to local professionals flying on business elsewhere. … We’re not a budget airline, we provide catering and we fly to the cities' main airports,” Mariusz Dħbrowski told Gazeta Wyborcza.

In 2012, Eurolot recorded a PLN 57 million loss from sales. According to Dħbrowski the losses in sales for 2013 are estimated at PLN 20 million.

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From Warsaw Business Journal

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