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PM Tusk cracks down on drunk drivers

8th January 2014
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Mandatory breathalyzers in every car and harsher penalties are the governments ideas to curb drunk driving

PM Tusk
Courtesy of KPRM

Prime Minister Donald Tusk said he wants to impose harsher punishment on drivers caught driving under the influence of alcohol. The minimum fine for drunk driving would be PLN 5,000 as well as driver’s license suspension for three years, instead of one as per current regulations.

For second-time offenders, the punishment would be a minimum PLN 10,000 and a loss of the license for at least five years. The use of a suspended prison sentence would be less frequently used, in favor of a real prison sentence.

“Without some drastic changes to the law, we will not see results quickly,” Tusk said and added that, “For us the most important thing is to make people realize that very soon tolerance for such actions will change.”

The PM would also like to introduce breathalyzers as mandatory car equipment.

This statement comes after a recent series of drunk driving accidents, including one which resulted in the death of six people in Kamień Pomorski on January 1.

Poland A.M.

From Warsaw Business Journal

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