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Poles lukewarm on 2013 - poll

31st December 2013
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The new EU budget, the raising of the retirement age to 67 and the pension reform were events Poles remembered the most

PM Tusk celebrating the new EU budget, in which Poland is to receive over €100 billion
Courtesy of KPRM/Flickr
As many as 80 percent of Poles cannot remember any important events in 2013, a survey undertaken by CBOS pollsters shows.
The poll found that 55 percent of Poles could not identify any gobal event which was important for Poland, while 25 percent could not name any Polish event which was important this year.
Only 20 percent of those surveyed could name any domestic event, with answers varying wildly. Events which did stick in the memory included the new EU budget for 2014-2020, from which Poland is to receive over €100 billion.
Other events included the raising of the retirement age to 67 for men and women, the OFE pension reform, as well as the announcement of Pope John Paul II's canonization date.
“One can say that there wasn't any one particular event which has dominated social awareness to the extent that it is associated with 2013,” the CBOS report states.
The survey was undertaken between December 5-12 on a representative selection of 910 adult residents in Poland.

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