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Unemployment to reach 14% in 2014 - report

30th December 2013
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The Polish Human Resources Association (PSZK) expects that if the current economic situation in Poland will remain the same in 2014, the unemployment rate will exceed 14 percent next year.
Among the total unemployed, the report states that 50 percent will be below 34 years old.
“Unemployment among the youth is very disconcerting and has a negative effect on the entire economy,” said PSZK President Piotr Palikowski, adding that “the situation is very dangerous for Poland's demography as it will contribute to its declining population growth rate as well as increase in number of Poles moving abroad to work and live there.”
In order to fight unemployment among the youth, closer partnerships between companies and education institutions are needed, the report says.
“An easy transition from the education system to the labor market will be possible when the employers will be active in the education process of their future employees by creating good internship programs,” he added.
The low quality of internship programs poses a problem both in Poland and in the EU. According to Eurobarometer data, one out of every three internships is a low quality one, mainly because employers tend to replace low-salary jobs with internships.

From Warsaw Business Journal

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