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Modern art overhaul

23rd December 2013
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In the heart of the country”

Ongoing until January 6

Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

ul. Emilii Plater 51

In the heart of the country” is a comprehensive exhibition comprising scores of works from the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw’s vast collection. The exhibition’s title derives from John M. Coetzee’s hallucinatory novel, in which “‘the heart of the country’ is a hole, a void, an insatiable phantasm of physical fulfillment and maturation (of the identity, body and community spirit),” according to the exhibition’s website. 

Paweł Althamer's "Barge-haulers"
Courtesy of Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw/Bartosz Stawiarski

It also relates to the museum’s planned location at Plac Defilad, in the very center of Warsaw. It’s the biggest exhibition in the gallery’s short history.

The exhibition attempts to shed new light on the Polish political and economic transition, as well as its moral, ethical and social repercussions, and describe the artistic phenomena which accompanied change in Central and Eastern Europe during the second half of the 20th century.

Artists whose works are on display hail from Poland, Mexico, Libya, Israel, the US and many more. The most famous works include Zbigniew Libera’s “Lego. Concentration camp,” which, as the title suggests, is a concentration camp made out of Lego blocks; Jimmie Durham’s “Homage to Luis Bunuel,” which is a house with no walls or ceiling, full of oddities, handicrafts, and everyday objects; and Teresa Margolles “127 bodies” which is a piece of string over 33 meters in length, made up of 127 surgical suture threads that were used to sew up the bodies of unidentified victims of street violence in Mexico City after their autopsies had been performed.

Exhibits range from paintings and sculptures to videos and sound installations.

Jacek Ciesnowski

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