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Ringing in the New Year

23rd December 2013
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New Year’s Eve parties

December 31

Various cities

Toward the end of the year, a number of major cities across Poland begin advertising their New Year’s Eve celebrations. Who’s got the best bands, which TV station’s got the coverage? What do you have to do to keep warm on what usually turns out to be a freezing-cold evening? And of course the perennial question – should you wear a helmet to protect your head from airborne champagne corks and empty vodka bottles? WBJ can’t answer those questions for you, but we can give you a quick run-down of the big parties that will be happening in Poland on New Year’s Eve. 


In Warsaw, the city authorities have given up on their long-standing cooperation with TV station Polsat and the location at Plac Konstytucji and have moved the party to the National Stadium, where revelers can get down with class acts Afromental, Big Cyc, as well as aging rockers T.Love. John Newman is also billed. If you don’t make it, however, you can always see the fireworks show, “which will be visible throughout the whole city,” a spokesperson for Warsaw City Hall said recently.

Down south, after showcasing local acts last year, the city of Kraków is going back to its tradition of inviting big stars to the Main Market Square for a night of partying, this year with veterans Perfect and Lady Pank, but also younger stars, with Brodka, Czesław Mozil and Tatiana Okupnik to name just a few of the 30 artists billed. The party will be broadcast on TVN, although Kraków won’t be displaying any fireworks this year. One less thing to worry about falling on your head, and a nice gesture towards the city’s many dog owners who won’t have to worry about their pets thinking they’re in a war zone.

Wrocław has just signed a four-year deal with public broadcaster TVP2, which will be televising the festivities on the Market Square. The lineup concentrates on 1970s and ’80s disco, so anyone wanting to get their groove on should get down to the Lower Silesian capital to hear from Edyta Górniak, Kombii and Shakin’ Dudi.

Meanwhile, up north we go to Gdynia, which has forked out zł.700,000 for its concert with Polsat. “The New Year’s Eve stage will be the biggest in Poland,” Gdynia City Hall has said in a press release. But apart from the largest parties, practically every city will have something going on, so if you’re up for it, get out there and party. And remember: “Happy New Year” in Polish is Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku. Maybe time to get practicing?

John Beauchamp

From Warsaw Business Journal

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