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WBJ retools to deliver news daily via web

23rd December 2013
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Beginning in the new year, Warsaw Business Journal is moving lock, stock and barrel onto the web, greatly enriching the current website,, and consolidating all WBJ Group news content on one convenient platform.

Hard business news now moves 24/7. Period,” said Kehrt Reyher, named this month by parent company Valkea Media to head WBJ Group as editor and publisher. “We know this because we’ve carefully studied the behavior of subscribers to Poland A.M., Mr Reyher said of the daily e-mail business newsletter published by the group since 1997. Mr Reyher spent six months reviewing WBJ Group’s portfolio and drafting its strategy for the future before being named to the new post.

A quick English summary of the day’s major stories, Poland A.M. will be glued to the content that was going into the weekly print product – all on with tablet and smartphone options. “We’re just changing the communication channels,” Mr Reyher said, “and delivering all of it to our readers faster while expanding our online advertising possibilities.”

February launch for new monthly 

Meanwhile, WBJ Group is launching a new print magazine, WBJ Observer, which will debut in February. “We know our readers want hard, actionable news as soon as we can get it to them, but we’re also still big believers in print,” Mr Reyher said. WBJ Observer also will have a digital edition that will offer enhanced advertising options.

The monthly will take a more thoughtful, analytical look at the Polish market’s continuing development, and give the former WBJ weekly’s advertisers a more interesting print vehicle, Mr Reyher said. The debut issue’s cover story package will look at four key areas — IT, the defense industry, Polish exports and energy.

You can pretty much layer IT over every other business or industry,” Mr Reyher said. “And Poland is well-advanced in that revolution – just look at what’s happening in our banks,” he added. “There are a lot of interesting stories out there that are going untold, from things happening in big industries down to some young guys developing little things that have a shot at being big,” Mr Reyher said.

WBJ Observer will have an expansive section on real estate, and regular commentary on the Polish political scene, the economy and Poland-EU issues, Mr Reyher said. The new magazine will debut with an in-depth interview with Polish economist Stanisław Gomułka, one of the architects of Poland’s transition to the free market more than two decades ago, as well as a feature on Fun in Design, a Warsaw startup that lets customers design their own shoes via the internet.

I’ve been in Poland since 1992, and the scene here is as fascinating and colorful now as it was then,” Mr Reyher said. “WBJ Observer will reflect that.”


Q&A: WBJ in transition


Answers to questions you may have about the upcoming transition for WBJ Group

Q: What’s really behind the changes?

A: It’s no secret that “traditional” media, especially print media, need to be retooled and repositioned to thrive in the current media landscape. We’re embracing the model we’ve seen other successful business publishers adopt. The mantra is “in print, online and in person.” These days that means a magazine, a web-based news service and events where our readers and advertisers can mix it up in person.

Q: I have been a subscriber to the weekly Warsaw Business Journal newspaper. What happens to my subscription?

A: We’ll apply whatever credit you have on your current subscription to a subscription, send you a user name and password and you can log in to continue to enjoy the many features you’ve been getting in the weekly Warsaw Business Journal plus content from our daily newsletter Poland A.M. Alternatively, you can apply your subscription credit to our new monthly, WBJ Observer.

Q: I’m a subscriber to Poland A.M. What do the changes mean for me?

A: Instead of getting an e-mail newsletter each day, paying Poland A.M. users will be assigned unique user names and passwords. You’ll just sign in and log on to get to the Poland A.M. section of Plus, you’ll have access to all other content that has moved over from the weekly – at no extra charge.

Q: My firm is currently in the middle of an annual advertising contract with WBJ Group. Where does that leave me?

A: Our sales associate will be in contact with you soon to talk about how you can best use your remaining credit with us, and to maximize your exposure through our retooled B2B channels.

Q: Aside from pure advertising, how can I get information on my company in the WBJ Group environment?

A: We’re always looking for expert commentary and analysis from market players. And has limitless space for these kinds of features. Of course, our editors make the final call on content going into our products, but we’re open to contributions. Also, we’ll have a section on that is specifically designed for press releases, which can be sent to

Q: What if I want to get some information in WBJ Observer?

A: We have a wide range of options for that as well, but print, by nature, is more limited. Our editors, therefore, must be more selective. Still, we have some creative ways to accomplish this.

Q: What are my advertising options on

A: We’ve worked hard to develop a wide range of advertising options that are not intrusive to the user, and to get your advertising in the most effective context. Our sales associates will work with you to maximize your spend. Video, text ads, and other most contemporary online advertising options are available.

Q: If content is behind a pay-wall, that limits the traffic. How do I know I’ll get the exposure I’m looking for?

A: Content on will be a combination of paid and free. We already have a solid base of unique users from all over the world via our current site. We’ll be very active using social media to significantly boost traffic from our current base.



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