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Graphene production launched in Poland

23rd December 2013
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Nano Carbon, a company co-owned by mining giant KGHM and the Industrial Development Agency (ARP), has launched the production and online sales of graphene, an ultra-thin carbon structure. 

Graphene is essentially one 'layer' of graphite
Courtesy of The Georgia Institute of Technology/Gary Meek

This is the first such project in Poland, and was hailed a success by Prime Minister Donald Tusk. “It’s a historic moment,” Mr Tusk said at the launch. “We successfully combined the power of invention, the energy of businesspeople and the government’s help,” he added.

If [such a project] today is a success in such a specific, prospective field as graphene … it means that it must also be possible in other fields,” Mr Tusk said, also voicing hopes that “the courage and enterprise of these kinds of undertakings will become a Polish specialty.”

Graphene is an ultra-thin nearly two-dimensional carbon structure, which is strong, light and an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. It was “discovered” in 2004 by a team of Russian and British scientists at Manchester University in the UK.

The material sold by Nano Carbon was developed by a team coordinated by Włodzimierz Strupiński from the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology in Warsaw, which patented the technology in 2011.


From Warsaw Business Journal

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