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One night only

16th December 2013
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 A Night in Venice

January 1

Congress Hall



Is an operetta a good cure for a hangover? You can find out on the first day of the new year at a one-night-only showing of Johann Strauss’s “A Night in Venice.” 

Courtesy of event organizers

To prolong the festivities you’ll be transported to Venice and its magnificent carnival parties.

This lighthearted, farcical story of mistaken identity follows the Duke of Urbino and his quest to seduce Barbara, who is married to a local senator: 19th-century hilarity ensues.

Sure, the lyrics may not be very sophisticated. For example, one of the protagonists calls his love interest “a girl as stupid as this oyster, and yet just as appetizing and just as worthy of catching!” But it’s the music of Mr Strauss which manages to captivate the audience and this is the operetta’s main attraction.

Lavish costumes, beautiful music and humorous librettos are just what you might need for a perfect start to the new year. And for a few hours, you can feel like you’re attending a huge ball in the thick of the Venice carnival.

The operetta was earlier performed in Gliwice and thanks to its success it will be shown for one night only in Warsaw. The costumes were designed by Barbara Ptak, who worked on Polish movie classics such as Academy award nominees “Promised Land,” “Pharaoh” and Roman Polański’s first feature film “Knife in the Water.”

Jacek Ciesnowski

Tickets start at zł.100

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