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Coalition gets new MPs

16th December 2013
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The ruling coalition's parliamentary majority has received a much-needed boost as four MPs join the Polish People's Party

MPs Halina Szymiec-Raczyńska, Artur Bramora, Bartłomiej Bodio and Dariusz Cezar Dziadzio have all joined the parliamentary caucus of the junior coalition partner, Polish People’s Party (PSL). The politicians have not yet decided to join the party itself.

The MPs had earlier been members of Palikot’s Movement (now renamed Your Move), but left the party in June this year and later established their own parliamentary group called the Initiative for Dialog.

According to PSL’s parliamentary caucus leader Jan Bury, talks with the four MPs started three months ago. The new members significantly strengthened the coalition before the important vote on the 2014 budget, which was held last Friday.

Coalition’s majority safe – for now

Ever since three MPs – former Justice Minister Jarosław Gowin, Poland’s first black MP John Godson and Jacek Żalek – quit the senior ruling party Civic Platform (PO) earlier this year, it had been speculated that the coalition could lose its majority in parliament prompting snap elections.

Such talk will likely cease for now.

PSL’s parliamentary caucus currently numbers 33 MPs. This will give the parliamentary majority of the Civic Platform-led coalition 236 seats in the 460-member Sejm.

The PO-PSL coalition is the longest-lasting parliamentary majority in Poland’s post-communist history. Although it was initially thought there could be serious ideological gulfs between a center-right, pro-Europe, big-city party like Civic Platform and the more traditional rural-based Polish People’s Party, the coalition has been remarkably stable and has remained in power since 2007.

Current polling shows that even though PO may not win the scheduled 2015 parliamentary elections, together with PSL, both parties could perform well enough to once again be able to form a coalition and rule the country.

Remi Adekoya

From Warsaw Business Journal

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