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Trade surplus in food sector to reach €5.5 billion

13th December 2013
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Poland will have a €5.5 billion trade surplus in the food sector this year compared to a €4.3 billion surplus in 2012, Agriculture Minister Stanisław Kalemba said on Thursday. He added that in 2013 Poland will sell agricultural and food products worth a total of €19.5 billion abroad.

In January-October 2013, Polish food exports amounted to €16.4 billion compared to €14.7 billion a year earlier, Mr Kalemba said. Exports grew most to countries such as China (by 200 percent), Uzbekistan (by 58 percent), the United Arab Emirates (by 46 percent) and Bulgaria (by over 30 percent).

“The results of our foreign trade balance show a rising interest in Polish foodstuffs abroad,” Mr Kalemba said, adding that while exports across all sectors is at 6 percent, food exports are at 11.5 percent, almost twice as high.

The agriculture minister stressed that Poland has a stable set of export markets for its food products. Germany is the biggest trade partner and gets 22 percent of Polish food exports, translating to €3.7 billion in 2012, signaling 16 percent growth on the previous year. Germany is followed by the United Kingdom and Russia.

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From Warsaw Business Journal

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