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Poland offers help to solve Ukraine standoff

12th December 2013
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Warsaw wants to mediate

Protesters in Ukraine

Poland has called for dialog and offered to mediate between Ukrainian authorities and protesters after clashes in Kiev. Police have destroyed barricades and stormed buildings occupied by people protesting against the country's president and government.

On Wednesday morning, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Ukraine's Ambassador Markiyan Malsky. He was told that Poland could mediate in the ongoing conflict. The ministry also issued a statement condemning the use of violence against peaceful protesters.

“We believe that Ukraine’s European choice still lies in the near future. Poland stands ready to support Ukraine on this path. We call for replacing violence and demonstrations of force with dialogue and compromise,” reads a statement from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Politicians from the EU have also criticized the use of force in Kiev. The bloc's head of diplomacy Catherine Ashton and Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Minister Linas Linkevicius went to Ukraine to talk to both government and opposition leaders.

“We stress that the declarations of the Ukrainian authorities, that they have not veered off a pro-European path of development, must be backed up by facts, and due to the ongoing situation Ukraine is losing credibility – as such only immediate action can combat this,” said Marcin Wojciechowski, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Protests in Ukraine were sparked in mid-November when the country's government announced it would suspend talks with the EU on an association agreement. Gatherings in Kiev and other major Ukrainian cities have continued since then.

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