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Few candidates for PGNiG's management board

10th December 2013
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Only a few candidates sent their resumes for the company's CEO post

PGNiG has been lookinf for new CEO since April
Courtesy of PGNiG

Just over 10 people have applied for CEO and three other management board member positions at natural gas giant PGNiG, according to sources quoted by Recruitment interviews were scheduled to start on Monday and finish by the end of the week.

Market sources told the portal that low interest in the competition may be linked to parliamentary elections planned for 2015. A change of power usually results in changes in state-controlled companies.

PGNiG is now headed by acting CEO Jerzy Kurella. The previous chief executive, Grażyna Piotrowska-Oliwa, was dismissed in April this year following a controversy over the government's lack of knowledge about a memorandum of understanding signed by EuRoPol Gaz, in which PGNiG holds a 48 percent stake, with Russia's Gazprom.

According to various sources Mr Kurella is the frontrunner for the CEO position as he has proven competent during the few months he run the company.

Poland A.M.

From Warsaw Business Journal

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