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Warsaw under construction

9th December 2013
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Profession: Architect

Ongoing until Jan 6, 2014

Historical Museum

of Warsaw

Rynek Starego Miasta 28-42

Following the wartime destruction of Warsaw, the new regime in the country had a blank sheet with which to propose their new vision for the capital city. While Warsaw still remains a bastion of socialist-realist architecture in this part of Europe (despite strong competition from Nowa Huta, built on the outskirts of Kraków), Poland’s capital is now one of the most versatile in terms of eclectic architectural styles. 

A glimpse of the architect's world
Courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw/Bartosz Stawiarski

The exhibition takes visitors into the everyday work of architects, and underlines their importance in making up the fabric of the city. After all, before any building is constructed, it has to be designed in the silence of an architectural studio, clients have to be met and decisions have to be taken. “This is what interests us,” the exhibition’s curators say.

The exhibition, however, goes further back than World War II, and looks at the relationship between architects and state authorities. Before 1939, architects and urban planners seemed to be less in conflict with the state, which raises a question on their relationship today. Is it true that Poland’s post-1989 economic freedom has led to a lack of spacial planning when constructing new buildings? Visitors will be able to answer that question for themselves while taking in a historic overview of how the city has become what it is today.

John Beauchamp

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