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Poland perceived as less corrupt

9th December 2013
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This year Poland is perceived as less corrupt than it was in 2012, according to the Corruption Perceptions Index published last week by Transparency International. The country scored 60 points in 2013 and was ranked 38th out of 177 states surveyed by the organization. 

Source: Transparency International

In 2012 Poland’s score was 58 points which put the country at 41st spot. In the Corruption Perceptions Index, a score of zero represents a high perceived level of corruption, while 100 stands for a country perceived as transparent.

As the value of the index depends on the perception of corruption activities, it grows when a scandal is revealed to the public. Poland came 70th in 2005, its lowest rank in recent history.

That decline was largely attributed to falling public trust after the so-called Rywin Affair, a corruption scandal involving well-known movie producer Lew Rywin and his attempt to influence legal changes. The investigation lasted several years and was widely reported in the Polish media.

In the CEE region, Poland has the second-best score, giving way to Estonia, which scored 68 points and was ranked 28th. Other countries in the region were ranked lower, with Lithuania scoring 57 points, Hungary 54, Latvia 49, the Czech Republic 48 and Slovakia 47.

The ranking showed that the countries perceived as the most corrupt in the world are Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia, which all received just eight points each.

In the European Union, Greece was ranked the lowest with 40 points. Spain recorded a decline of as many as ten points this year to 59, and was ranked just below Poland, after corruption scandals were revealed in the ruling coalition and the royal family.

Kamila Wajszczuk

From Warsaw Business Journal

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