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LOT denies receiving compensation from Boeing, mulls legal action

5th August 2013
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Poland's national carrier says it is demanding "specific sums" from the aircraft maker

Poland’s national airline LOT will continue to demand compensation from Boeing for the grounding of two of its 787 Dreamliner aircraft earlier this year, the company’s CEO Sebastian Mikosz said.

We are demanding specific sums from Boeing that we have been able to calculate,” Mr Mikosz said. “Unfortunately, it is not possible to estimate all the damage to our company’s image caused by the loss of credibility with some of our customers,” he added.

LOT's Dreamliner aircraft began flying again in June
Courtesy of LOT

Mr Mikosz made the statement in response to Boeing CEO Jim McNermey saying that the aircraft manufacturer had already finished paying out compensation to airlines affected by the Dreamliners’ grounding.

The amount that LOT seeks was not disclosed, however media reports put the figure in the zł.100 million range.

LOT’s CEO said he is not ruling out the possibility of taking Boeing to court, but only as a last resort. “We’re not eager to go to court as these proceedings can go on for a long time. It would be easier to reach an agreement on our own,” said Mr Mikosz, adding that his company prefers a “non-aggressive” approach to the negotiations, which as of press time were still ongoing.

The Dreamliner planes were grounded in January due to battery failure, shortly after LOT received them. It took Boeing six months to repair them and put the machines back in the air. The Polish airline, currently undergoing restructuring due to financial problems, was the first European airline to receive Dreamliner planes in late 2012. Since the grounding of the original two planes, it has received two more, and expects the delivery of another four.


From Warsaw Business Journal

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