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Western Poland more expensive than eastern Germany

19th February 2013
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Polish shoppers will pay less on items from cottage cheese to bottled water in eastern Germany

Products like these are cheaper in eastern Germany than they are in western Poland

Though Eurostat data indicates that Germany is a more expensive country than Poland, it still pays for Poles to go grocery shopping in eastern Germany. According to the Wroc³aw branch of the Central Statistical Office, shoppers in Wroc³aw pay 17 percent more for beer, 25 percent more for butter and 70 percent more for bottled water than they would in stores in Germany.

The list of products that are more expensive in the west of Poland than in eastern Germany also includes: cottage cheese, condensed milk, cream, juice, honey and soap, with the biggest price gaps on alcohol.

The price differences are attributed to a gamut of factors, some of them being: higher commissions on alcohol sales in Poland, higher VAT in Poland on products like bottled water, and a more concentrated German market with fewer intermediaries.

These differences can only be seen when compared to eastern German regions. In the western part of the country, prices are visibly higher than in Poland.

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From Warsaw Business Journal

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