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Online shopping: Poland is fastest-growing e-commerce market in Europe

4th December 2012
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Poles could spend as much as zł.21 billion on internet shopping this year

E-shopping forms a tiny percentage of Poland's total retail sales, but it's growing fast
 The value of e-commerce in Poland will increase by 24 percent, putting Poland in the lead in terms of growth in Europe, according to a new report by Forrester Research.

Poles spent zł.17.5 billion on purchases made over the internet last year. This year, that amount could reach as much as zł.21 billion, Gazeta Wyborcza reported.

E-commerce in Poland is undergoing a significant surge in growth, even though internet purchases still amount to only 3.1 percent of all sales in Polish stores. Online grocery stores are experiencing the most dynamic growth.

Currently, there are 300 such stores on the Polish e-commerce market.

According to a Euromonitor International report, Poles will spend zł.450 million in online grocery stores this year.

Remi Adekoya

From Warsaw Business Journal

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