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Prosecutor says no explosive materials found in Smolensk plane wreckage

30th October 2012
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Only a "layman" would claim the chemicals found were traces of TNT, he said

Poland's top military prosecutor maintains that no traces explosives have been found in the wreckage so far
AFP/East News

The head military prosecutor for Warsaw has contradicted a report in daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita Tuesday that Polish investigators had found traces of explosives – including TNT and nitroglycerine – on the wreckage of the plane that crashed near Smolensk, Russia in April 2010, killing President Lech Kaczyński and 95 others.

“I would like to calm the public. [We] have not found traces of TNT or any other explosive materials,” said Ireneusz Szeląg, head of the Military Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw.

He admitted however that “chemical substances of a structure similar to high-energy materials like explosive materials have been found but they could be from many other sources.” But, he said, only a “layman” would claim they were traces were of TNT.

Mr Szeląg added that tests were ongoing and that it could take “a couple of months” before his office could categorically rule out any traces of explosives on the plane wreckage.

Rzeczpospolita reported that explosives experts who examined the wreckage of the plane in Russia had found traces of the explosive materials on the wings and in the cabin, including on 30 seats. The paper said traces of explosives were also found in the area where the Tu-154 crashed.

A Russian investigation into the crash put the blame entirely on the plane's pilots, while Polish investigators said some of the fault lay with Russian air-traffic controllers.

From Warsaw Business Journal by Remi Adekoya

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