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GDDKiA sued for zł.1.2 billion by Irish builder

15th October 2012
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Irish construction firm SRB Civil Engineering is suing Poland’s state road operator GDDKiA for some zł.1.2 billion. SRB claims that it was forced to abandon a contract to build the highway between Toruń, in the north of Poland, and Stryków in central Poland, due to failures by roads operator GDDKiA.

But GDDKiA says SRB was at fault and that it was the roads operator who had to withdraw from the contract, not the other way around.

GDDKiA issued a statement saying that because it feared SRB would fail to pay its subcontractors, GDDKiA halted paying SRB for the work on the A1 highway. The European Commission is currently looking into the dispute.

The case surfaces on the heels of Poland’s huge infrastructure program, which was supposed to transform Poland’s dilapidated road system ahead of the 2012 European soccer championships.

But the project left behind a trail of contractual disagreements and construction firms saying they had lost money. Several of Poland’s largest construction firms are struggling as a result of their participation in major infrastructure projects in the run-up to the tournament.

From Warsaw Business Journal by Izabela Depczyk

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