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Immofinanz to build zł.480 mln mall in Lublin

8th October 2012
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The project will provide 37,000 sqm of retail space

Tarasy Zamkowe will be ready by autumn 2014
Courtesy of Solski Burson-Marsteller

Immofinanz Group has revealed the details of its planned zł.480 million Tarasy Zamkowe retail and entertainment center in Lublin, south-eastern Poland.

The Austrian real estate investor purchased land in Lublin that once hosted the Galeria Zamek shopping center, and has decided to build a mall that combines shopping and entertainment facilities on the plot.

“The city’s economic strength as well as a low saturation of retail space were the main reasons for buying the land along with the old mall Galeria Zamek and deciding to transform it into a shopping and entertainment center,” Eduard Zehetner, chairman of the company, said in a statement.

Tarasy Zamkowe is to provide 37,000 sqm of retail space, 23,000 sqm of public space as well as 44,000 sqm of parking space.

There will be 150 shops, three restaurants, as well as several cafes and food outlets.
Work on the project is due to start this month, and the shopping center is expected to be ready by autumn 2014.

Mr Zehetner said Lublin is a very attractive area for this kind of investment.

“[With] an actual population of 350,000 and a population reach of 800,000, [Lublin] represents a very attractive place for investment,” Mr Zehetner said.

Tarasy will combine unique architecture with high ecological standards, the company says.
On the center’s rooftop there will be lawns, paths and viewing points. The company also hopes to secure BREEAM certification for the scheme.

“We are happy about the positive assessment that we have been receiving so far in terms of our care for the environment,” said Ralph Bezjak, director of commercial development at Immofinanz Group.

“We will certainly try and acquire BREEAM [certification],” he added.

From Warsaw Business Journal by Izabela Depczyk

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