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8th October 2012
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Film Music in Concert
October 14
Sala Kongresowa
Palace of Culture and Science
Pl. Defilad 1

A must for film buffs, this concert sees music from a live symphony orchestra mixed with clips from some classic movies to bring famous soundtracks to life.

The majority of the music comes from Hollywood’s most famous composer, John Williams, who wrote the scores for almost 100 films, winning five Oscars in the process for soundtracks including “Jaws” and “Star Wars.” The concert's website bills the event as a celebration of Mr Williams’ “80th birthday year.” Mr Williams turned 80 this past February.

This performance, which will be conducted by Maciej Sztora, will see the Polish Symphony Ochestra perform classic musical arrangements from “Superman,” “Star Wars,” “Jurassic Park” and “Forrest Gump,” among others.

In addition to music composed by Mr Williams, there will also be performances of scores from other acclaimed soundtrack composers such as Hans Zimmer (“Gladiator”) and James Horner (“Titanic”).

Tickets for the event are priced from zł.49.

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