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Poland will sign ACTA despite threats

24th January 2012
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The government failed to consult Poles, admitted Micha³ Boni

Minister of Administration and Digitization Micha³ Boni
Courtesy of Forum Ekonomiczne

Poland will sign the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) on Thursday as planned, despite threats from hackers' group Anonymous, confirmed Micha³ Boni, the Minister of Administration and Digitization. The document will then have to be ratified by parliament.

The announcement came after a meeting with Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Culture Minister Bogdan Zdrojewski to discuss the government’s stance on the international copyright treaty.

“ACTA will not change the Polish law in any way. It will also not affect the rights of Polish internet users, neither will it change the way the internet works,” daily Rzeczpospolita quoted Mr Boni as saying. However, the minister emphasized that it is important to dispel any doubts before the ratification of the agreement.

“During this ratification period all the arguments for and against need to be considered – then it will be decided whether ACTA should be ratified,” he explained.

Earlier on Monday, Mr Boni admitted in a radio interview that the government had failed to consult the public on the matter. “I can only apologize for this,” he said.

Some governmental websites, including that of the prime minister, were still down on Tuesday morning following attacks by Anonymous. The group is protesting against the government's plan to sign the ACTA, arguing that it amounts to censorship.

UPDATE: For more information and video on the latest protests against the Polish government's plan to sign the ACTA agreement: click here.

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