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Four detained in Orlen corruption probe

12th December 2011
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A member of the board is facing charges of accepting bribe money

Orlen owns around 1,700 gas stations in Poland
Courtesy of Orlen

Poland’s Internal Security Agency (ABW) has made four arrests in an investigation into alleged corruption related to contracts signed by Polish oil refiner PKN Orlen.

Among those who were detained is a board member of Orlen’s petrochemicals division, two subordinate managers and a businessman.

Citing its own findings, Rzeczpospolita wrote that the ABW secured documents relating to contracts entered into by Orlen.

The orders were reportedly implemented by a firm connected with 39-year-old businessman Paweł M., the co-owner of several companies from Płock and Warsaw that carry out renovation and construction work.

Under Polish law, only the first name and the first letter of the surname of a suspected criminal may be written out in full in an article appearing in the press.

According to Polish media, it has been alleged that Marek S., a board member responsible for Orlen’s petrochemical operations, took bribes from Paweł M., who was hoping for preferential treatment when contracts were being negotiated.

Both men are facing charges of corruption, for which they could spend up to eight years in prison. The two managers who report to Marek S. are also linked to the case, but have been released on bail.

Orlen revealed in a statement that its supervisory board had unanimously adopted a resolution to suspend a management board member, “due to detention of him by the Internal Security Agency.”

From Warsaw Business Journal by Gareth Price

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