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Tech Eye: Fresh ideas, sour tunes

12th April 2010
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Courtesy of Coby

Some days it’s almost impossible for Techeye to sit still and write, even if it’s about the sheer goiter-exploding awesomeness of new technology. It could be raining hypodermic needles outside, with an army of poxy, inbred hillbillies camped outside our door, and we’d still find some way to sneak out of the office and procrastinate.

When avoiding work we sometimes end up busking downtown, confusing passersby with our infamous “foul-mouthed mime” routine. But most of the time we just go strolling through the city, listening to music on our faithful iPod.

At least we thought it was faithful. We learned the ugly truth last week though, when we spotted something unfamiliar among our favorite albums, something called “BrokeNCYDE.” So we listened to it.

Imagine an impassioned triceratops mating with a steam turbine, while off to the side Daft Punk and the Bee Gees beat each other to death with skillets and spatulas. Imagine the sound that would make. Just try.

BrokeNCYDE is kind of like that, except it also makes you want to jab your thumbs into your eyeballs and gargle acid.

Needless to say, Techeye has disowned that iPod, and we’re on the lookout for something new and interesting.

Enter the MP570 by Coby. Not all the details are clear about this mysterious little confabulation – pricing and availability are as yet unknown, and the device itself seems to have no controls (they could end up on the headphones).

Courtesy of Cravendale
Its battery life is underwhelming at five hours or so and, with only two gigs of memory, the MP570 is admittedly a bit of a lightweight. On the other hand, that means there’s little room for persons unknown to desecrate Techeye’s music collection. And hey, it’s shiny and stylish, making it a potential gift for the fashion conscious.

On a completely unrelated note, we spotted something interesting last week in the rarely heard from field of milk-related gadgetry. It seems that British milk brand Cravendale has invented a milk jug which indicates whether your milk has gone off. The jug “tastes” your milk with a built in PH sensor to test the acidity level and possibly detect the presence of new lifeforms.

According to Cravendale, 330,000 tonnes of milk (worth around £250 million) is wasted in the UK alone, and it hopes its new milk jug will help reduce this amount. For the record, the research does not indicate how much milk is spilled and/or cried over in the UK, but we’re betting it’s a lot.

In any case, a representative for the brand says the jug is still in the development stage, so there’s no info on pricing yet. Techeye’s planning to get one as soon as they start rolling off the production line, though – we’re curious how long milk stays fresh with an old iPod marinating in it.

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