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Investors eye chocolate maker Wedel

11th March 2010
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The Polish chocolate maker could fetch zł.600-800 million


A battle is brewing over the sale by Kraft of chocolate maker E. Wedel – and it may be that the main competitors for the acquisition will be private equity funds.

"The dominant opinion in the market – and I tend to agree – is that the purchase of Wedel would be an interesting investment for funds," said Jacek Siwicki, president of Enterprise Investors.

"It is an attractive firm with a well-known brand, and a large transaction," Piotr Czapski, head of the Polish office of the fund EQT, agreed. "Wedel is a flagship company on the Polish food market," he said. "I expect that there will be a lost of investor interest."

Neither Mr Siwicki nor Mr Czapski would say whether their funds will bid for the company.

Among those company's interested in the confectioner are Maspex and Jutrzenka. Analysts estimate that the company will.

Source: Parkiet

From Warsaw Business Journal

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