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Shakeup coming to the Polish chocolate market

20th January 2010
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Wedel to be sold independently following Kraft deal with Cadbury


American giant Kraft Foods will spend $19.5 (zł.55) billion to buy British confectionery and beverage company Cadbury.

In doing so, it will form the largest sweets manufacturer in the world.

The fusion of Kraft and Cadbury will also change things on the Polish market. Together, the two companies control 59 percent of the market. After the merger, Cadbury will have to adhere to an EU decision compelling it to sell domestic sweet and chocolate producer Wedel.

Two other confectioners on the domestic market include Jutzenka and Wawel. Currently, the market value of the former stands at about zł.650 million, and that of Wawel at zł.350 million. It is yet to be seen if either of the companies plans to make an offer for Wedel.

“Wawel would be interested, but we cannot afford such a transaction. I estimate that this would be roughly a billion złoty,” Dariusz Orłowski, head of the managing board at Wawel told Gazeta Wyborcza. “Wedel is a strong, but local brand, and it will be difficult to sell it to a large industry player from abroad.”

Sources: Parkiet, Gazeta Wyborcza

From Warsaw Business Journal

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