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Kolporter launches e-book reader

10th December 2009
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The eClicto reader is aimed at the Polish market, but has some disadvantages

Kolporter's eClicto has a 6-inch display, weighs 174 grams and its measurements are 118 x 188 x 8.5 mm
Courtesy of Kolporter

Last week Kielce-based press distributor Kolporter officially presented its eClicto e-book reader. With software prepared by IT specialists from Kolporter Info and hardware made in Taiwan, the device uses e-paper technology, allowing the display to mimic the appearance of ordinary paper.

“The comfort of reading is better, because the contrast makes the text clearly visible from all angles,” said Leszek Gołuchowski, Kolporter's project coordinator for eClicto.

E-paper, however, has some disadvantages. Since the device doesn't use a backlit screen, it is impossible to read anything on it in the dark. EClicto itself has some limitations, as it is currently only compatible with computers running Windows.

The reader requires eClicto Manager, a downloadable e-bookstore application with around 800 e-books to choose from, with a further 800 to become available in the coming weeks.

The price of the e-book reader, which is available through eClicto Manager and the webstore, is zł.899 and includes a package of 100 e-books. That makes it cheaper than the Sony eBook Reader PRS-500 or the BeBook, but Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook are available for around $260 (zł.728).

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