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Cadbury to go forward with investments despite crisis

3rd August 2009
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The company will head on with a €200 million investment in Poland

The Cadbury project has been supported by the government to the tune of zł.14 million

The current economic crisis has not forced Cadbury to halt its main project in Poland, which foresees investing €200 million for a sweets factory in Skarbimierz.

The plan is to have the facility become operational in Q1 of 2010. "Reaching full production capacity in Skarbimierz, which will enable us to produce twice the current amount of chocolate candy in Poland, will take until Q1 of 2011," said Tomasz Paszek, director of investments and a management board member of Cadbury Wedel.

The new plant will be one of the five largest factories of the concern in Europe, but it will also manufacture products for export markets. By the end of the year, the plant will employ 60 people, but eventually the employment level will reach 300. In addition to this new plant, the firm will also modernize its facility in Warsaw.

The Skarbimierz project has been supported by the government to the tune of zł.14 million and it has been said that this is one of the main reasons Cadbury chose Poland as the location of the factory.

Source: Rzeczpospolita

From Warsaw Business Journal

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