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Counter-intelligence officers show how stupid they are

28th March 2008
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Six officers of the SKW, the new military counter-intelligence service, have uploaded photos of themselves while on a secret mission to Afghanistan onto their personal accounts at, the popular school reunion website.

Although they did not specify they worked for the SKW they made clear that the photos were taken during a military mission in Afghanistan. The pictures, which showed them sporting local robes as well as uniforms, attracted appreciative comments from their former school mates. The personal details of SKW officers are a closely guarded secret and are not even known to many Polish soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. "By doing such a thing, these people endangered themselves, the soldiers and their families," said General Marek Dukaczewski, the last head of WSI, SKW's predecessor, adding: "I cannot imagine a secret operation carried out by people whose names and faces can be seen on the internet." "I thought nothing could happen to heighten our sense of the chaos at the SKW. I was wrong," commented Paweł Graś, the former secret services minister. SKW was established in 2006. Antoni Macierewicz, its first head, was criticized for hiring inexperienced people and dismissing seasoned former WSE officers. (Gazeta Wyborcza, p. 4) R.M.   

From Warsaw Business Journal

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