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Classical music: Focusing on genius

17th March 2008
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The only Mozart Festival in the world which presents all the composer's operas has launched ticket sales

Ballets set to Mozart's music will also be performed

While summer remains a long way off, some entertainments require seriously advanced booking, and the 18th Mozart Festival in Warsaw is one of them. Tickets for the event, which will take place between June 15-July 26 at the Warsaw Chamber Opera, have just gone on sale.

During the festival, concerts and operas will be performed by the best musicians from Poland and abroad. Concerts will take place on the premises of the Warsaw Chamber Opera as well as at the Palace on the Water in the Royal Łazienki Park, in the Royal Castle and in Warsaw's churches.

"Our Mozart Festival is the only one in the world which presents all 20-plus operatic works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Even the festival in Austria, the homeland of Mozart, does not present all his works [at one time]," said Jan Bokszczanin, the spokesperson for the Warsaw Chamber Opera. "There has never been another festival which fully covers the stage operas of this genius composer," said musicologist Janusz Ekiert.

Along with Mozart's operas, like The Magic Flute and Don Giovanni, other pieces will also be presented such as The Great Mass in C minor, The Requiem and other chosen masses, oratorios, symphonies, concerts and ballets. The festival will be inaugurated with a performance of Cosi fan tutte.

According to Ekiert, the festival is a good chance to explore Mozart's works. "Because all of the festival's operas are prepared by one stage-manager and one stage designer, people don't [get lost in] the indefinite collection of styles, chaos of trends and experiments of today's theater, despite the staging of over 20 of Mozart's operas. The audience isn't distracted by different theater trends, and the attention is focused on Mozart's genius," explained Ekiert.


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