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Politicians begin to grapple with problem of EU Constitution referendum

27th December 2004
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Setting the date for a referendum during which the public will vote on the European Constitution has become the main challenge facing politicians.

President Aleksander Kwaśniewski, as well as the whole left wing, strongly suggest the referendum be held at the same time as next year's Presidential elections. The main reason behind such a proposition is the fact that at least half of the eligible voters have to take part in it, and the Presidential elections will definitely attract more voters than a referendum by itself. A totally different view is held by the main opposition parties, and what is surprisingly interesting here, is that they all want to postpone the referendum until 2006. That is, after it takes place in the UK, where it will most likely be rejected. If this happens, then the referendum will not have to be held at all in Poland. (Rzeczpospolita, p. A6) A.K.

From Warsaw Business Journal

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